Vegan Instant Strawberry Cashew Ice Cream Recipe (Nest and Glow)

Sweet, nutty and smooth, this Strawberry cashew ice cream recipe by Nest and Glow is simply delicious. The combination of dates and strawberries creates a natural sweet taste followed by hints of roasted nut and vanilla. Served in scoops or served on a cone, enjoy this incredibly simple and easy recipe, make this irresistible dessert in 10 minutes!

Vegan Instant Strawberry Cashew Ice Cream (Nest and Glow)
Total Time
10 mins

Full recipe with written instructions can be found here

  • Cashews 1 handful
  • Dates ½ a handful
  • Frozen strawberries 1½ handfuls
  • Vanilla ½ a pod scraped / ½ tsp extract

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